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All of Riebesehl Family Law's blogs are PR friendly. We love reviewing products and hosting giveaway events. We are always looking for family friendly products to review. If you are interested please contact me at We’d love to hear from you!

Meet the Reviewers
I’m a 45 year old mom to 5 beautiful and amazing children, ages range from new baby all the way to 23 years old. I have professional background in early childhood education and development, writing, family law, psychology, marketing, web and graphic design and search engine optimization. I am very happily married to my best friend whom also happens to be the greatest daddy and husband in the whole world. We love trying out new products such as toys, books, movies, games, gadgets, clothing, accessories, equipment, gear, anything having to do with home and family, etc. for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age children, tween, teen, and young adult products. We also have an adorable new puppy and 2 cats who enjoys testing out pet products!

Review Policies
Reviews are Free of charge.
All product review samples become the property of Riebesehl Family Law's.
Product reviews will be posted within 2-4 weeks after receiving the product.
We are not responsible for any shipping costs.
An email with the link to the review will be sent once it has been posted.
Discounts or coupon codes can be included in the review at no charge. Discounts that require a separate post will be subject to a fee.
SEO optimized keywords and phrases within the post specific to your product/specifications. Reviews are written with relative keywords as well as links to purchase the product.

I enjoy reviewing products and giving my readers a chance to win some of the great products by hosting giveaways. They are a great way to build your increase your visibility and social media prescence! Giveaways are posted along with the review and entries to win can include following your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Giveaway Policies
Giveaways are free of charge
To enter the giveaway we require that readers visit your site and leave an entry comment about your products. This is a great opportunity for increased visibility.
Extra entry methods with social media links to your products Twitter and Facebook pages for readers to spread the word
Promotion on Riebesehl Family Law’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
Promotion on several giveaway specific sites/lists.

About The Bloggers
Kelli M. Riebesehl
An Arizona Mommy Blogger (Momprenuer) & Business Owner Sharing Life In The Desert Jungle As A Large Family With Many Munchkins, News & Great Ideas, Amazing Family Finds, Parenting Helps, Product Reviews, Etc. With A Return To Good Old Fashioned Slow Living In Modern Times!!! This Here Blog Is Brought To You From An ARIZONA FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY & PARALEGAL & OUR FAMILY VIA OUR MOMMY BLOGGER & FAMILY DIGITAL MEDIA BLOGGER, (MOMMYKOGGIBOO) AKA KM RIEBESEHL OF RIEBESEHL FAMILY LAW OFFICES is our Mommy Blogger & Family Digital Media Blogger Techie/Graphics Artist, Designer, & Family Social Digital Media Web/Blog Site Consultant (Reviewer/Connoisseur), Manager, & Creator Whom Also Is A Family Owner & Operator Of A Highly Respected And Well Known Arizona Family Law Attorney Firm, And Family Coach Discussing Marriage, Relationships, Family, Parenting/Children (Earliest Degrees Study & Training In Early Childhood Development & Pediatric Medicine) Life, Going Green, Home, Family, Creature Comforts And Gardening Instructables, Irresistibles, Hacks, Reviews, Recipes, And Giveaways And Offering Fanciful Yet Frugal Fine Home, Family, And Gardening Mercantiles, Including Homemade Goodies, Sweets, Treats, Gifts, And Gourmet Mixes That Are Just Divine Yet Convenient Meant To Be Prepared And Enjoyed As A Good Old Fashioned Down To Earth Well Deserved Indugence To Your Senses!

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AZ Family Law Attorney Gregory A. Riebesehl & Family (AZ Divorce & Family Law Representation (602) 621-0779) Bring You A Family Friendly Blog Sharing Home & Family Lifestyle Instructables & Irresistibles, Reviews, Giveaways, Recipes, Crock Pot Meals, Baking Fun, Candy Making, Dough Crafts, The Joys Of Positive Parenting, Zen & The Art Of Mothering, Mixes In A Jar, Digital Media, Blogging Tutorials, Website Links, Educational Enrichment, Pets, Toys & Games, Holidays & Year Round Fun & Activities, Inspiration, Savings & Freebies, Health & Well Being, Devotion, Family & Marriage Support Resources & Workshops, Etc.

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