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Date: 2011-06-06, 11:41AM

Arizona Attorney At Law Gregory A. Riebesehl


Whether you are going through a divorce, a custody battle, or just trying to modify a previous court order I know this is a particularly tough time in your life. Our office provides quality, aggressive, cost-effective legal services. If you are in need of a family law attorney our office can provide you with results-oriented representation.

Our office provides legal representation for divorce, child custody/visitation, child support/spousal support establishment, paternity cases, custody and child support modifications, and grandparent rights matters. In addition, our office also offers affordable flat fee document preparation for those clients who wish to represent themselves in family court.


(602) 621-0779

For reliable and experienced representation your way within reason with competitive yet discounted fees in these rough times on all family matters, call the Law Offices Of Gregory A. Riebesehl! Know your rights and protect yourself and your family! Our attorneys will sit down with you and explain the Court process as well as discuss your Family Law matter at no charge for the initial consultation. I have over 20 years of experience, excellence, dependability, reliable expedience and have the resources to draw upon to obtain the results that together my clients and I have strategically arrived at! I work everyday handling all matters involving Family Law in all areas of Family Law including but not limited to:










GREGORY A. RIEBESEHL, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OF RIEBESEHL FAMILY LAW OFFICES AT (602) 621-0779 7 DAYS A WEEK is committed to providing you with the most effective and cost efficient legal services available. We focus exclusively in the practice of Family Law and matters related to Family Law. Conveniently located, Riebesehl Family Law Offices provides legal services throughout the Phoenix area. As one of the top well established and firmly planted family law firms in the valley, Riebesehl Family Law Offices is dedicated to pursuing justice for you and your children.

Our Approach To The Practice Of Family Law In The State Of Arizona
Sure, we could spend enormous amount of money to be #1 on Google or to have non-stop TV and radio commercials. Instead, we choose to use low cost advertising to gain new clients, referrals from satisfied and happy clients, and to reassure our clients and their families that we are on their side especially when it comes to the astronomically high retainer and hourly rates of the average Family Law Firms out there. Riebesehl Family Law Offices keep our operating costs as low as possible without compromising the excellence, expedience, experience, results oriented effectiveness and cost efficient legal services and representation available. Referrals are our top source of new clients due to our reputation of providing affordable and quality legal services. Riebesehl Family Law Offices keep costs low resulting in the best legal services at the lowest possible price.

The Small Firm Difference
We have found that our clients prefer personal attention in addition to top notch legal representation. Unlike so many other firms in the Phoenix area, we stay connected to our clients, promptly returning phone calls and emails. Larger law firms usually deliver adequate legal services, but they do so at a price. Large staffs mean enormous overhead which is passed on to their clients as high retainers and outrageous hourly rates. In addition, big firms not only sacrifice much needed personal attention, but they also generate unnecessary paperwork with the intention of stirring up or churning the animosity inviting a long drawn out legal battle derailed by being misled into entering a campaign of mutual destruction often ending up in painful litigation, which not only costs a great deal more financially, socially, emotionally, physically, etc. for the client and their work, family, friends, and many other areas of their lives. At Riebesehl Family Law Offices you will find that Gregory A. Riebesehl does not enter into this kind of legal representation. He does what is necessary to protect his client and their family by taking the time to listen and carefully evaluate your case and then working closely with you finding what strategy to engage so that you will get the results you are looking for. This is one of Gregory A. Riebesehl's strongest traits where he can utilize all of his natural talents as well as over 20+ years of Family Law experience and excellence in every arena in the A through Z process involved in a case from start to finish. We work with you regardless of your current financial situation. We realize these are difficult economic times and offer payment plans to fit your individual needs.

Initial Consultations
Initial consultations are always free, friendly and informative. There are no high-pressure sales tactics or time limits because we believe in taking the necessary time to fully understand your case and to be sure we are the correct fit for your unique needs. We will be upfront with you about your case including all options available and all costs involved should you choose to proceed. If you want a direct and honest evaluation of your case, call us at (602) 621-0779 to setup your free consultation.

We Are Standing By Awaiting Your Call So We Can Assist You With Your Family Law Needs In An Aggressive Yet Compassionate And Discreet Family Friendly Environment Providing You With The Finest Legal Services & Representation! Don't Delay Another Minute.

From An Excellent Quality & Highly Experienced Arizona Family Law Firm!!!

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Date: 2011-06-06, 12:10PM

Looking to either do your legal documents yourself or to have them prepared at low cost by a professional document preparer to avoid attorney fees? Well, look no further because here you have found an awesome deal! Our Paralegals will help you at a consultation fee of $99.00 ($199 with an experienced Domestic Relations Attorney) or prepare the documents for you at $249.00 (with NO children) & $349.00 (with children) with the supervision of a Family Law Attorney of 20+ years excellence and experience in Arizona's Courts!!! We guarantee your documents will be accepted by the Courts whereas over half of the self prepared documents or paralegal prepared documents are denied by the Courts! Don't be one of these cases and end up incurring more fees or even having to retain an attorney to straighten out your family law matter! CALL (602) 621-0779 TO HAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS PROFESSIONALLY PREPARED TODAY!!!

  • Location: NORTH PHOENIX
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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DailyOM: Soothed By Solitude

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June 4, 2011

Soothed By Solitude
Cancer Daily Horoscope

You may react impatiently to challenging circumstances without fully understanding the cause of your frustrations today. If others fail to live up to your expectations, your response will likely be one of frustration and nervousness. Before you allow your feelings to inspire irrational action, however, consider for a moment why the behavior of others and the circumstances unfolding around you should have such power over your emotions today. You may find that a short period of thoughtful reflection eases some of your restlessness. Solitude can provide the perfect backdrop for self-examination as its peacefulness will likely help you collect your thoughts so that you can analyze each one in turn.

Spending time alone gives us time to really consider the true consequences of the thought processes that have occupied our minds as of late. Until mulling these over, we may not realize that ideas and opinions we consider wholly normal are having a harmful effect on our moods. Likewise, it is only in the peaceful atmosphere of solitude that we can analyze nervousness and restlessness without the bane of worldly distractions keeping us from reaching their roots. Since the thoughts of comrades and peers cannot interfere with our own when we have sequestered ourselves, we are better equipped to reconnect with what is important to us and identify what serves no other purpose than to cause us distress. The fidgety feelings plaguing you today will fade away as you use your isolation as a means to understand your moods.

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