Monday, June 6, 2011

DailyOM: Soothed By Solitude

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June 4, 2011

Soothed By Solitude
Cancer Daily Horoscope

You may react impatiently to challenging circumstances without fully understanding the cause of your frustrations today. If others fail to live up to your expectations, your response will likely be one of frustration and nervousness. Before you allow your feelings to inspire irrational action, however, consider for a moment why the behavior of others and the circumstances unfolding around you should have such power over your emotions today. You may find that a short period of thoughtful reflection eases some of your restlessness. Solitude can provide the perfect backdrop for self-examination as its peacefulness will likely help you collect your thoughts so that you can analyze each one in turn.

Spending time alone gives us time to really consider the true consequences of the thought processes that have occupied our minds as of late. Until mulling these over, we may not realize that ideas and opinions we consider wholly normal are having a harmful effect on our moods. Likewise, it is only in the peaceful atmosphere of solitude that we can analyze nervousness and restlessness without the bane of worldly distractions keeping us from reaching their roots. Since the thoughts of comrades and peers cannot interfere with our own when we have sequestered ourselves, we are better equipped to reconnect with what is important to us and identify what serves no other purpose than to cause us distress. The fidgety feelings plaguing you today will fade away as you use your isolation as a means to understand your moods.

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