Monday, March 26, 2012

Hi There Amazing Cyber Communities--- We're wondering If You Might Have A Moment To Help A Daddy & Family With MS In Need----No $$$ Just A Second Of Your Precious Time...

Check out this website I found at

Hey there all of you great and super sweet people out there in Facebook Land--- my friend, Michelle Gonzalez, has a great husband that has MS and a sweet family and she is trying to win him an IPAD, which would make his life and their family's life so much easier. I have a very much loved Aunt who has MS so I know just how devistating this disease can be on a family and I would be thrilled if you could possibly take a brief moment out of your very busy lives and please help this really nice family out by clicking on the link and liking this picture. Thank you so much and please let me know if I can help your family in any such way so that we maybe can all spread the love and help each other out however it is we can in this amazing world of ours-- I guess it's The Riebesehl Family's of Arizona very much blessed and cosmically loved and angelically protected way of saying thank you to all the good fortune and kindness we have received as of late through some really rough and very scary times out there!!! So here is their link and God bless and thank you allO:) 1

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