Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BABBA BOX What's in the box?

How often do you ask: “Hey kids, what do you want to do today?” You want to do activities that are fun, engaging, and enriching. You have so many ideas and topics that you want to teach your kids. But where do you start, what’s age appropriate, and where do you get all the materials? Let me introduce you to the BabbaBox solution! 
The BabbaBox by BabbaCo:
Monthly delivery of a theme-based box with activities, knowledge, and experiences.
All physical materials + know-how content to engage your kid are included.
Designed by our panel of experts to encompass all the ways kids ages 3-6 love to learn. 
Enjoy together as part of your family time!

2 to 3 projects kids do with their hands. ALL the physical materials included!

A theme-based product where your child will engage with the world & nature.

Carefully curated books to stimulate your kids' imaginations.

Interactive learning with prepaid downloads approved by BabbaCo experts.

BabbaBox - Activity Box for Kids

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