Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vocalpoint - How to Eat Anything

How to Eat Anything

You are what you eat—and, maybe more importantly, how you eat it. Dig in the wrong way and you could end up with egg on your face. Here’s a fun guide to the etiquette of eating everything.

Burrito. Ask the Mexi-joint to double-wrap it in foil. Peel as you go and if that last bite looks too sloppy, just leave it. This strategy works for any messy sandwich eaten on the go.

Sushi. It’s edible art, so eat it respectfully. Use chopsticks to dip only the corner of your fish or roll in soy sauce, then eat it in one bite. Nibble on the pink pickled ginger between pieces to clear your palate.

Pasta. As you twirl the angel hair, hold your spoon horizontally between you and the fork. It will act as a splatter-guard, keeping your top marinara-free. Never cut your pasta with a knife—true Italians will scoff.

Pomegranate. Take a paring knife and make four vertical cuts along the surface. (When you feel the knife hit the seeds inside, stop.) Use your hands to carefully pry it open, first in half, then in quarters. Scoop out the seeds, throw away the skin, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Soup. Hold your spoon like a pencil and scoop away from you, toward the center of the bowl. Sip the soup from the side of the spoon. When done, set the spoon on the saucer beside the bowl.

Pizza. Thin crust? Use your hands and fold it just a bit. Deep dish or Sicilian? Cut it with a knife and fork.

A gourmet meal at a nice restaurant. Switch your knife and fork, so you’re holding the knife in your dominant hand. Keep the back of the fork up and tines down during slicing and while bringing food to your mouth. Use the knife to scoop or push food toward your fork. You’ll not only look more Continental, but you’ll also eat slower. Worried you’ll look silly? Practice at home first.

Your mother-in-law’s pea soup (or anything else that makes you gag). Load it with pepper, not salt. Seventy-five percent of taste is smell. The aromatics of the pepper will help decrease the terrible taste.

Your heart out. To keep arteries clean, combine these ingredients in a weekly heart-healthy meal: salmon, spinach with diced onions, kidney beans, red wine (or grape juice), and an apple dessert. These six foods are among the most potent heart protectors.

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